Exploited College Girls – Savannah

Exploited College Girls –
Added: December 16, 2010

Some girls are so full of themselves that it’s a refreshing change when you meet someone who doesn’t think she’s God’s gift to the planet. 18 year old Savannah here has zero self confidence and soaks up every compliment I make her. She doesn’t know how hot she is, which of course makes her even hotter. And she’s quite the secretive one, very vague and short when I try to get her to talk about herself, like she’s in a witness protection program and hasn’t gotten her story straight yet. (Oh shit! LOL….) She says she has a boyfriend, then she denies it, then she says she put on this wedding ring because she gets hit on too often by guys. Except that ring looks too expensive to be just a decoy…you know what I mean? Well, I shall say no more LOL.





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